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February 20, 2021

10 Mistakes to avoid when traveling solo

Traveling solo is becoming a hit nowadays. Many young people do back-packing and explore new places on their own and have the best time of their lives. To help you get the most out of it, here are some mistakes to avoid if you’re planning to go solo.

1. Staying in the wrong accommodation

Mostly of the vacation money goes to accommodation and it can be very tempting to book a very cheap room where there are couple of strangers in the same room with you because you want to save some money and want to stick on your budget. As a solo traveller, always keep in mind to choose an accommodation where you have your own room for privacy and safety, a safe where you can keep your important belongings and a 24-hour security It doesn’t need to be an expensive hotel but there are a lot of accommodations that offers this in a very affordable price.

2. Overpacking

Going on a vacation can be very exciting, you want to bring lots of things with you and that includes wardrobe. Keep in mind that you are traveling solo, so you are the only one who will carry your own baggage. Plan carefully the things that you are going to bring, and only bring what’s important and what you really needs. Couple of clothes will do because you can always wash your clothes at the hotel or you can purchase some on the road.

3. Not taking safety precautions

Traveling alone means you have to be extra careful and vigilant. Don’t give personal informations to people who you just met, book your accommodation in a secure area with privacy and have 24-hour security, and always limit your alcohol intake because there are lots of predators who are just waiting for some drunken tourist that they can take advantage for. 

4. Failure to budget correctly

Going on a vacation doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive. You have to plan your trip carefully and do some research in the area where you’re planning to have your trip. 

Have a look with the local restaurants in the area and check their menus, you can also check how much is the travel and tours so that you can make an educated guess how much money you’ll need to bring for the whole duration of your trip. Make sure to bring some extra money as an emergency fund just in case there are some additional expenses you did not plan.

5. Planning too many activities

I know it can be really tempting to schedule lots of activities from the beginning until the end of your trip just because you want to make the best out of it, but the first day of your trip can be really tiring because you just came from a flight, so give yourself some time to relax and settle in first, same goes with the last day of your trip. Don’t be disappointed if you wasn’t able to visit some of the places you planned to visit, that’s alright, you can make it as an excuse to come back again in the future.

6. Being unprepared for emergencies

There are possible things that can happen like accidents or other unforeseen events during your trip. Before going on a solo trip, you have to consider things that might happen along the way like, delayed flight or sudden change of weather or worse. Always have an emergency plan so that you’ll be well prepared and as part of that always bring extra money for  emergency purposes. It’s better to be prepared than sorry.

7. Not enough planning

In order to have a fun vacation, you have to plan it carefully. Do your research first, find out if you’ll need some documents before entering your destination, like visa or medical certificate, also check when is the best time to travel there, how you will get there and how are you going to pay for the things, is card available or by cash only. These are some of the basics you need to include when planning your vacation, and by doing that you will have a smooth and stress-free vacation.

8. Being out of reach

Turning off your phone or putting it in an airplane mode can be tempting especially if you don’t want to be disturbed. But staying connected with your family and friends is very important especially you are alone, telling them where are you going or how are you doing from time to time will not hurt that much. In that way if something happens to you, they’ll know where to find you

9. Too shy to ask for help

Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask help from some of your family and friends who may have been there and ask for some advices and recommendations about your target destination. Once you are in your destination, you can also ask help from the locals in the area for some tips and recommendations because they know the place more than anyone. 

10. Taking the solo-trip seriously 

Traveling alone can be a great feeling and self-fulfilling but it doesn’t mean you will isolate yourself the whole time of your trip. You can talk with other people or join a tour from other group of people, in that way you can also make new friends. Don’t take the whole “solo” trip so seriously.

Traveling alone can be a great experience and life changing, just make sure that you do it right so that you will not miss the fun. Have a safe journey! Take care.

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