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June 7, 2022

12 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations in June

June has some travel destinations in store. Many wonderful travel destinations in June are worth visiting at this time of year.

Our list of travel destinations for June aims to inspire all people who are crazy about adventure, beautiful nature, and a pinch of city life.

Holiday Travel Destinations in June

Switzerland – A place of natural wonders and spectacular activities

The wild waters of the Rhine Gorge are a paradise for river rafters. The Rhine has cut a bed into the rocks over a length of 14 kilometers. The “Grand Canyon of Switzerland” is not only an El Dorado for river rafters but also geologists. The 350-meter-high cliffs of the Rhine Gorge and the natural phenomenon of the tectonic arena let geologists get their money’s worth.

Invisible to the human eye, older rock strata have been overlaying younger rock strata for millions of years. Measurements show the dynamics caused by the movement of the African plate towards northern Europe.

On the Tschingelhörner between Elm and Flims, holidaymakers can see the greenish and reddish rock coloring of the different layers. The entire area of ​​the Tectonic Arena Sardona has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008.

Hikers experience the magical nature on a hike along the Sardona World Heritage Trail from Elm to Flims. With the help of seven stations, you get detailed insights into the formation of the rock shifts of the Glaner overthrust.

The route leads steeply up over scree to the Segnes Pass. And then steeply down again via a path secured with chains, over a rocky gully, and through a hollow into the Segnesboden moor landscape.

Another highlight of a holiday in Flims in June is a hike across the Greina plateau. The tundra landscape at an altitude of 2200 meters is protected from human intervention. So, numerous springs can spring upon the plain and small mountain streams make their way. On their way, they form ponds, meanders, and form smaller bogs.

With an average temperature of 23 degrees, June is perfect for outdoor activities. It is not for nothing that the Il Cuors da Flem, a trail half marathon that covers 21 km and 750 meters in altitude, takes place on June 2nd.

12 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations in June

Spain: Canyoning in Andalusia

Magnificent beaches, blue sea, and sun-kissed coasts – that is the image that one associates with Andalusia. But there is much more than bathing and relaxing. The flight goes from Germany to Malaga. The journey continues to the small town of Nerja at the foot of the Sierra de Almijara.

Before heading into the mountainous hinterland, you shouldn’t miss seeing the gigantic stalactite caves of Nerja. They extend over five kilometers into the rock of the Sierra Almijara.

Where the Rio Verde eats its way through the cliffs, it becomes a whirling, raging torrent. When the thermometer climbs to 27 degrees in June, canyoning in the white waters of the Rio Verde is an unforgettable experience. 11 hours of sunshine a day allow for an eventful day tour through the national park.

A natural spectacle of a special kind awaits you in the Barranco Moreno gorge. The impressive 17-meter-high waterfall entices mountaineers to abseil down the rocks and use the natural slides for the descent.

12 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations in June

Poland: Kayaking through Poland’s enchanting landscapes

Before the mosquitoes become a nuisance, vacation in June is the best travel time for the Masurian Lake District and the countless little rivers. At 23 degrees, a kayak tour on the Krutynia will be unforgettable, especially for nature lovers.

You can choose the route yourself and decide to visit Masuria’s most beautiful travel destinations from the water. The Masurian Landscape Park is under the strictest nature protection. You will find over 200 different species of birds there and, in addition to red deer, wild boar, beavers, eagle owls, and otters, you will also encounter such rare animals as moose and wolves.

You usually arrive by car or by plane via Gdańsk Airport. Then, however, you can continue by train to Olsztyn or Nikolaiken or rent a car, which is relatively expensive in Poland.

12 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations in June

Oslo: Active holidays under the midnight sun

The best thing to do is fly to Oslo and take the Bergen train from there to get to the west coast and start a spectacular mountain bike tour from there. The old Hanseatic city scores with its very own charm.

The Griegvilla Troldhaugen, designed by the famous Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, is a magnificent wooden house a few kilometers south of Bergen on a romantic bay. In Lom and Vagamo you can admire the typical Norwegian stave churches and then the tour continues over 1200 meters with fascinating views over the fjord landscape.

Continue to Gala and along the shores of Lake Gala. And here, too, Norway’s history embraces you with the Peer Gynt hut, named after a poem by Henrik Ibsen.

A mountain bike tour requires a certain level of fitness. But you will experience magnificent fjords and fells and in June the unique phenomenon of the midnight sun.

12 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations in June

Denmark: Adrenaline rush on the bridge

Between Jutland and Funen in Denmark, a lattice girder bridge gets the adrenaline pumping. With an air temperature of 19 degrees, Denmark is also one of the best travel destinations in Europe in June with an adventure factor. Wind and weather and the shaking of the bridge when a train thunders over it cause quite a few stomach tingles.

Tickets to Bridgewalk Lillebælt are purchased at Middelfart’s Welcome Center – unless you have already bought them online and avoid standing in a long queue. Then it goes up 60 meters above the water and 20 meters above the railroad tracks. The magnificent view that you experience during the 2-hour tour is unique.

Middelfart can be easily reached by train or via Billund Airport and then by train to Middelfart.

12 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations in June

Costa Rica: Adventure and romance in the jungle

More than 20 rivers and creeks run through this fantastic country between the Caribbean and the Pacific. Canoe tours are perfect for getting to know the country and its ecosystem. Costa Rica has dedicated itself to nature-friendly ecotourism.

Your canoe steers through dense mangrove forests, to then practice whitewater kayaking on the rivers. Our top recommendation and top travel tip in June is a visit to Corcovado National Park.

On the Osa Peninsula and off the coast you will meet dolphins, manatees, and sea turtles. A pleasant 27-degree air temperature and 28-degree water temperature invite you to a boisterous swim in the sea. The capital San José can be reached by direct flight from Paris or you can fly via Panama.

12 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations in June

Zimbabwe: Rafting under the rainbow

Although the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe in June does not have as much water as during the rainy season in April. June is good for rafting in the impressive gorges and ideal for a safari because of the dry season. Experience the Victoria Falls from above in the Microlight. You will not forget this experience for the rest of your life.

12 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations in June

Thailand: Hiking through the forests of Khao Yai National Park

Thailand is much more than bathing and relaxing in the sun. Just a two-hour drive from the dynamic metropolis of Bangkok, Khao Yai National Park covers an area of ​​2170 square kilometers. At an altitude of 700 meters, the national park presents itself with a varied landscape.

Three mountains, the Khao Rom with 1351 meters, the Khao Lam with 1326 meters, and the Khao Keaw with 1292 meters dominate the panorama. Five rivers originate in the parking area, which is extremely important for rice cultivation and the water supply of the capital Bangkok.

The park can be explored on 13 major hiking trails and 50 smaller trails. The park rangers also offer longer tours and multi-day tours with overnight accommodations in one of the ranger stations. In June it is particularly worth visiting the numerous waterfalls.

Then the rivers carry a lot of water and huge amounts of water roar over the waterfalls into the depths. The most spectacular waterfall is the Haew Narok Fall, which plunges over 150 meters. Some of the waterfalls end in small idyllic bathing lakes.

Near the northern park entrance is a limestone grotto with millions of bats. Every evening you can experience a huge spectacle when the bats forage and leave the Khao Look cave.

12 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations in June

Seychelles: Hiking between dream beaches and granite rocks

June is the ideal month for a hike through the national parks of Seychelles. With an average temperature of 29 degrees. Our June travel tips also show that June has the fewest rainy days of the year. You can easily reach Seychelles and the main island of Mahé with a direct flight.

Seychelles is famous for its striking granite cliffs on La Digue, the beautiful white sandy beaches, and the fascinating tropical vegetation. Countless underwater adventures await keen divers and snorkelers along the coasts of Mahé, La Digue, and Praslin.

The islands are among the most beautiful and interesting diving areas in the world. And from the paragliding screen, the region can be viewed from the air. No less spectacular are the national parks Baie Ternay Marine National Park, Morne-Seychellois National Park, Sainte Anne Marine National Park, Vallée de Mai National Park, and Fond Ferdinand National Park.

There are a total of 20 national parks and protected areas in Seychelles. Which you can roam through on marked paths and marvel at a paradise in the smallest of spaces. Various species of birds and reptiles compete with black parrots, various species of gecko, bats, and the Seychelles fruit bat.

12 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations in June

Cuba: Cycling through Caribbean paradises

Before the hurricane season begins, June, with 32 degrees, makes the magical island of Cuba a particularly attractive destination for divers, but also bike tours over the mountain ridges in the interior of the island.

Between the coastal strip and the Gran Piedra mountain range, you will reach the picturesque, desert-like cactus landscape of Guantánamos. Grandiose nature experiences will quickly dispel the cliché that is attached to Cuba.

14 national parks and 7 biosphere reserves are subject to protection status. The most famous national park is the Alejandro de Humboldt national park in eastern Cuba. It has the largest contiguous rainforest area.

The monumental table mountain El Yunque and the raging Río Toa, mangrove thickets, and countless water birds are the absolute highlights of this park. In contrast, the Peninsula de Guanahacabibes National Park thrives on the extensive coral banks and huge cave systems off the west coast of Cuba.

12 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations in June

Philippines: Pedal through Leyte, Bohol, Camiguin, Biliran and Cebu on a mountain bike

The Philippines are still an insider tip for cyclists. Humidity is very high throughout the year. After the extreme dry season and temperatures above 40 degrees until May, June is a good time to travel to the mountainous highlands.

The magic of the landscape compensates for sometimes difficult and sweaty ascents. The travel terraces of Luzon, the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, the fire island of Camiguin with 8 volcanoes, numerous waterfalls, dream beaches, historic buildings, colonial mansions, and fortresses complete the face of the Philippines.

12 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations in June

Peru: Machu Picchu and the magical Andes

Peru casts a spell over every visitor with its mighty Inca sites, which are still impressive today, in the middle of a surreal Andean landscape. In terms of climate, June is exactly the right time to travel to hike the highlands of the Andes.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas and the excavation sites of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Machu Picchu are located at an altitude of 2800 meters. The ascent leads over old Inca paths through dense, deep green tropical rainforest and always new views of the unique Andean panorama. The imposing peaks rise to 5000 meters to form a unique mountain world.

12 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations in June

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