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April 27, 2022

7 Best Dive Sites for a Diving Holiday for Beginners

Have you recently obtained a diving license? Have you become a certified scuba diver according to one of the leading organizations such as PADI and SSI? Are you now looking for the best beginner diving holiday destinations to improve your diving skills as soon as possible? 

For a beginner trip like this, you want to not only train buoyancy control, air consumption, or other beginner dive exercises, but also experience a wonderfully beautiful dive. And the unique underwater world of the selected dive area, because that’s what you wanted. Did you get a diving license on vacation or at home? Due to the wide range of diving trips and potential vacation destinations for divers, it is not always easy for beginners to find out which diving area is suitable for a diving vacation. 

What is important for diving holidays for beginners?

It is particularly important on your first diving holiday that you do not overwhelm yourself or unconsciously put yourself in a dangerous situation during your diving holiday, which in the worst case even takes away your desire to dive. 

Ideal for a diving holiday for beginners are diving areas that offer a safe and easy to dive house reef. Where there is good visibility and usually only a little current. You can do a few diving exercises there with every dive, such as “pivoting” on the tips of the fins or “hoovering” i.e. floating in open water. In addition, it is a real plus point if, during one of your first diving holidays, you go to a few simple dive sites with the zodiac (inflatable boat) or a larger day boat for diving. Where you then already have experience with the various entry and exit techniques for boat diving, like the well-known roll backward from the edge of the inflatable boat. 

You can find the right tips in this blog post. Below is a summary of the top 7 diving vacation destinations for beginners.

The Most Beautiful Destinations for Diving Trips for Beginners

Marsa Alam in Egypt, Red Sea

The first thing you probably thought of was diving in Egypt, because the Red Sea is one of the most popular destinations among divers. It provides an exciting and colorful underwater world with comfortable water temperatures. 

Even if you are new to diving, you will need to dive around Marsa Alam or further south during your Egyptian dive vacation. Coral reefs and diving areas along the Red Sea are usually much more beautiful and healthy than the areas further north of Egypt.

The 7 Best Dive Sites for a Diving Holiday for Beginners

Andaman Sea, Khao Lak, Thailand 

Thai beaches have been a popular destination for beach holidaymakers and backpackers for generations. Thailand has a lot to offer for diving holidays for beginners. One of Thailand’s most fascinating diving areas is the still world-famous “Similan Islands” and some small islands further north of the Andaman Sea. 

Kaorak is a welcome destination far from the dense tourism of the southern islands of Phuket, especially for newcomers and individual travelers in Asia. Beginner diving holiday accommodations include Thailand’s five-star hotels, including Cantery Beach Hotel Villas & Suites, located directly in Khao Lak on Pakaran Beach. For example, from here you can pick up at the diving school Seabee, which is famous for diving tours. You can also reach the center of Khao Luck in the evening, just minutes away. 

 If you are lucky, even beginners can experience whale sharks and manta rays up close when diving around the “Similan Islands” from November to April. There are also exciting shipwrecks near Kaorak that divers can discover. Far from diving in the Andaman Sea, Khao Lak offers many other opportunities for beginner diving vacations. For example, you can explore the area yourself on a rental scooter or discover a wild hinterland with a waterfall on a great hike.

The 7 Best Dive Sites for a Diving Holiday for Beginners

Amed on Bali, Lake Bali

Bali has also been one of the most popular destinations for divers for many years. And that is why the south of the island is now so popular with tourists. However, Bali should not be missed on this list, as the somewhat quieter northern part of Bali still offers some very nice diving spots and ideal conditions. for scuba diving beginners learning to dive. 

The 7 Best Dive Sites for a Diving Holiday for Beginners

Trogir and Cres in Croatia, Mediterranean

Croatia offers beginner divers a world of diversity underwater and many interesting diving areas for beginners. Most diving sites can be reached by diving boat. Of course, the Mediterranean Sea doesn’t have as many fish as the Red Sea, but you can also explore steep slopes, wrecks, and in some dive areas, even small seahorses while diving in Croatia.

The 7 Best Dive Sites for a Diving Holiday for Beginners

Los Cancajos on La Palma, Atlantic

With the small island of La Palma, also known as Isla Bonita, the Canary Islands still offer something of a tip-off among divers, active travelers, and nature lovers. Therefore, also an unusual destination on a diving vacation for beginners. 

For many visitors, the verdant little island of La Palma is the prettiest of the Canary Islands. It offers more than just great hiking trails and countless recreational opportunities on the island. But also a diverse and interesting underwater world with canyon volcanoes. The impressive biodiversity also offers plenty of diving opportunities for beginners. 

The 7 Best Dive Sites for a Diving Holiday for Beginners

Helengeli in Maldives, Indian Ocean

The Maldives remains an absolute dream destination for those seeking peace. Many small islands also offer ideal conditions for a beginner’s diving holiday with a large reef and diving schools. In addition to the exciting dives on the home reef, all islands also offer dives with typical dhonis. The only downside for a beginner diver is that you often have to face the current at some of the best dive sites. However, these dive sites are often electrified in drift dives, so ideally you’ll be able to approach the subject of very slow water.

The 7 Best Dive Sites for a Diving Holiday for Beginners

Cozumel at Mexico, Gulf of Mexico

When you dive in Cozumel you’ll get your money’s worth even as a beginner. Also, with a little luck, you might meet your first shark underwater during your dive. Cozumel offers a wide variety of diving sites with access to well-developed divers’ day boats, which also make it easy for beginners to get in and out.

The 7 Best Dive Sites for a Diving Holiday for Beginners

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