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December 30, 2021

7 Reasons why camping is healthy

Are you always so refreshed and relaxed after your camping holiday? It’s not a coincidence. Several studies show that camping holidays are good for your health. Read here why a camping holiday is particularly relaxing. 

On vacation we usually want one thing above all else: recharge our batteries for everyday life, clear our heads and relax. And camping holidays are made for this. It does not matter whether you spend a weekend or your entire holiday at the campsite.

A change of scenery inspires us

A different environment than the familiar home makes us awake and curious. Everything is new and you want to  explore and discover it. We become distracted and no longer think about the problems and worries of everyday life. That alone ensures more relaxation and a clear head.

7 Reasons why camping is healthy

Active on vacation

During the camping holiday, we move more than at home: in the morning to the sanitary building, at noon a round of badminton, in the afternoon by bike to the beach and in the evening to the neighbors for a barbecue. A few kilometers come together for the day. And while we are more inclined in everyday life to relax comfortably on the sofa in the evening, we prefer to discover something on vacation. So we quickly set out to discover a cozy tavern in the village or to take a walk. And hey presto – a few more extra parameters on your speedometer.

7 Reasons why camping is healthy

Personal contacts

You will meet many like-minded people at the campsite. Campers are very communicative and open. Whether doing the dishes or in the restaurant, campers quickly get into conversation with each other. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just about the weather, the best restaurant or your caravan: Social contacts contribute to our health.

7 Reasons why camping is healthy

More positive energy

In the great outdoors, the bad mood disappears immediately. A study by the University of Michigan among campers said that there is a positive health effect is particularly strong for people who live in the city and are used to a lot of hectic and noise. Traveling a lot also means that the body produces more vitamin D. Together with the extra portion of oxygen, this ensures a strong immune system and good sleep.

7 Reasons why camping is healthy

Sleep better at the campsite

The University of Colorado has shown in a study that camping has a positive effect on sleep quality. Campers are outside a lot and use less artificial light. This makes the biological clockwork better and makes it easier for us to wake up and get up on the campsite. The artificial light from screens is another decisive factor: At home, we often spend many hours in front of the PC or television. The light from these devices inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. And so we sleep much deeper at the campsite. In addition, many campsites are dark at night – there is little air pollution. This is a natural way to get tired as soon as the sun goes down.

7 Reasons why camping is healthy

Spend time together

The more time we spend with family or friends, the happier we are. And what could be nicer than spending time together on the campsite? The time at the campsite brings us closer together: we cook or grill, sit together wonderfully in the evening at sunset, or plan excursions together. This time together not only strengthens the feeling of togetherness among each other, but it also creates a lot of positive energy.

7 Reasons why camping is healthy

Being offline reduces stress

Quickly answer a few messages, post photos, and check e-mails on your mobile phone. The fast-paced internet and the overstimulation of social media cause stress for many people. The camping holiday is the best moment for a digital detox. If you are very consistent, you can leave your phone at home right away. Without cell phones and social media, we simply have a lot more time for vacation activities.

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