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May 19, 2022

9 Special holiday ideas for Nature lovers and Water lovers

Wouldn’t you like to do run-of-the-mill package tours on well-trodden tourist paths? Are you looking for really unusual holiday ideas? Holiday destinations for nature lovers and water lovers where extraordinary experiences await that not everyone experiences?

You’ve come to the right place because the next article has put together the best holiday ideas for you. 

Here is a detailed list of the nine special holiday ideas for nature lovers and water lovers.

Holiday idea #1: Get a Diving License in Egypt 

No other place is as exotic and close to wildlife as when diving in the ocean. Therefore, it is almost essential for nature lovers on vacation to obtain a diving license at some point and encounter unique creatures such as manta rays, turtles, and sharks. to get in touch. 

If you like this holiday idea and you decide to travel to Egypt to get your diving license, then you should make sure that you are looking for accommodation that is a little further south because the reefs there are much nicer and more intact than in the catchment area the tourist stronghold of Hurghada. 

9 Special holiday ideas for Nature lovers and Water lovers

Holiday idea #2: Explore the depths of the Grand Canyon 

The Grand Canyon is one of the most well-known and most visited national parks in the American Southwest, but most visitors miss the actual charm of the Grand Canyon when they visit. 

The majority of visitors only drive to the viewing points of the canyon for a few photos or, when the time comes, fly over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter but you can only experience the true fascination of the canyon if you visit it as a explore an unusual holiday idea on foot and descend into the depths. There are several ways to do this. With a “backcountry permit”, you can go deep into the Grand Canyon for a few days and stay there overnight, but you’ll need experience hiking in the wilderness.

However, even beginners have the opportunity to safely land in the Grand Canyon via the “Bright Angel” trail. This managed hiking trail also has ample drinking water and a shaded shelter. Those who hook one of the coveted spots can also stay deep in the Grand Canyon of the Indian Garden Campground, or in the cabin of Phantom Ranch. Looking at the Grand Canyon from different perspectives at different times of the day over hours, the looks very different and, most importantly, reveals its true dimensions. 

9 Special holiday ideas for Nature lovers and Water lovers

 Holiday idea #3: Explore the Everglades on foot and canoe 

 Everglades National Park in southern Florida is also one of the most famous parks and nature reserves in the United States. A “seemingly” endless swamp made up of very slow-moving rivers, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year. 

The national park is particularly well known for the fact that you can experience alligators up close all year round and most tourists, therefore, go on noisy “airboat tours” in the swamps to see these extraordinary creatures up close. 

But the real appeal of the Everglades for nature lovers lies in exploring the swamp area on foot or by kayak and taking a guided tour through the alligator holes not only is this much better for the environment, but this offbeat holiday idea gives you one much better insight into the flora and fauna of this breathtaking national park. 

9 Special holiday ideas for Nature lovers and Water lovers

Holiday idea #4: Embark on a minimalist long-distance hike 

Hiking has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many shorter hiking trails are now totally overcrowded. And hikers therefore sometimes leave a great deal of damage to nature. Therefore, many hikers and outdoor enthusiasts long for long hikes in lonely areas and this is of course also a kind of unusual holiday idea. 

Instead of hiking through nature for just a few hours or a day, try long-distance hikes lasting several days, weeks, or even months. 

The attraction of this is that not only can you discover almost untouched nature in many areas on long-distance hikes, but you can also work with some of your backpacks during this time. 

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a 3,500-kilometer hike on the Appalachian Trail. Many short roads are ideal as holiday ideas and as an introduction to long-distance and long-distance hikes.

9 Special holiday ideas for Nature lovers and Water lovers

Holiday idea #5: Snorkel on the most beautiful reefs in the Maldives 

The Maldives is undoubtedly one of the most dreamlike holiday destinations on our blue planet. Even if the steadily growing tourism is permanently changing the originality of the small atolls in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives is a worthwhile holiday idea, especially for water lovers and sun worshipers. 

The increasing tourism in the Maldives has not only caused the prices on older island resorts to shrink significantly over the years. But also created some cheap alternatives for a Maldives holiday with private holiday homes of the Maldivians and some larger hotels on the islands surrounding the capital Male. 

In addition to the beautiful beaches and lagoons that most Maldives islands offer, the underwater world is particularly impressive with its colorful diversity which makes the Maldives a true paradise for snorkeling. 

Many of the unique islands have beautiful house reefs, just a few meters from the beach, which offer a unique insight into the hidden world underwater with a snorkel and diving mask, again and again, you will encounter larger sea creatures such as manta rays, turtles or whale sharks while snorkeling. 

9 Special holiday ideas for Nature lovers and Water lovers

Holiday idea #6: Experience the beauty and solitude of the San Blas Islands 

For all lovers of secluded beaches and island paradises, a visit to San Blas Island off the beautiful and tranquil Caribbean coast of Panama. The autonomous archipelago, officially called “Gunayala” by the indigenous people, has been largely undeveloped for tourism to date. 

You can fly from Panama City to the San Blas Islands by light aircraft. For real adventurers, there is also an offer to go off-road through the eastern jungle of Panama. 

This holiday idea can be perfectly combined with the above snorkeling. There is a fascinating and intact underwater world on San Blas Island that is not allowed to dive to date.

9 Special holiday ideas for Nature lovers and Water lovers

Holiday idea #7: Dive into Mexico`s crystal clear cenotes 

If you like to go snorkeling, or just want to swim in the crystal clear waters of the cenotes in Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula is exactly the right place for it. The caves, filled with crystal clear fresh and partly saltwater, are a unique natural spectacle and many of the cenotes also have beautiful bathing lagoons where you can go swimming. 

In addition, it is also worth taking a detour to one of the islands off the Yucatan Peninsula. The largest of these is Cozumel, which lies directly in front of Playa del Carmen. It attracts visitors with very beautiful beaches and diving areas. 

9 Special holiday ideas for Nature lovers and Water lovers

Holiday idea #8: Learn how to survive in nature with a survival course 

If you are looking for an unusual holiday idea where you can also continue your education, then we have just the right thing for you. A survival course where you learn how to survive independently in nature. 

You can book such courses in many interesting places and holiday destinations. Such survival training is not only a particularly unusual holiday idea but also helps you, as a nature lover and outdoor enthusiast, to be safer in the great outdoors in the future. 

9 Special holiday ideas for Nature lovers and Water lovers

Holiday idea #9: Observe imposing & wild bears in the wild 

There are ideal conditions for observing black and brown bears, especially here at high latitudes in North America. On the islands of Alaska, you can see unique Kodiak bears on a special tour. 

Canada and Alaska offer good opportunities to witness bears all year round, but July-September is the best time to visit. Salmon move north along the river, providing a real feast for all bears. Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the Southeastern United States, is the perfect place to see black bear. Likely in April and June when bears wake up from hibernation and “eat” the fat reserves of snowless valleys.

9 Special holiday ideas for Nature lovers and Water lovers

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