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June 17, 2021

9 Tips for camping with your dog

Going on a camping trip can be pretty exciting. If you are a dog owner, you probably want to bring your dog wherever you go, and that includes camping trips. Luckily, the man’s best friend doesn’t have to leave behind because you can go on camping trips with your dog. Going on a camping trip with your dog can be beneficial for both of you. Besides that, it can strengthen your bond, it will also encourage your dog to trust you more, and it could be fun and an escape from the busy life in the city.

It is necessary to take your time to plan and prepare all the possible things that you will need on your trip if you are planning to take your dog on your trip. Unlike your daily walk at the park, camping with your dog requires a bit more preparation.

Check the rules and regulations of the camping site.

Take some time to research your intended camping site, remember not all camping sites are pet-friendly. Always contact the campground first for more information regarding their pet policy and regulations. Here are some things you might want to ask.

Leash requirements: Even pet-friendly camping sites might still have leash requirements for the safety of all campers. It may vary in every location, but the general rule is that the leash is no longer than six feet long.

Violent behavior: Pet-friendly camping sites are a place for pets and owners to relax and enjoy their day, which means aggressive behavior is not allowed. If you feel your dog might not behave properly and might not respond well to other people or dogs, it might be best to leave your pet at home.

9 tips for camping with your 9 tips for camping with your dog

Visit a veterinarian

Before planning everything, visit a veterinarian to check if your dog is fit to go on a camping trip. Ensure that your dog is current on all vaccinations, as well as a tick, heartworm, and flea. Making sure that your dog is healthy is very important not just to your dog but also to you. Make copies of all medical records of your dog as most of the pet-friendly camping sites require your dog to be fit and up-to-date on all vaccinations before entry.

What to pack

After all the research about the rules and regulations of the camping site and clear paperwork from the veterinarian, it is time for you to pack your things. Aside from your needs, camping with your dog means bringing all the things that your dog might need the entire time. Do not forget to pack dog foods, toys, treat, and a bowl for food and water for your dog. Also, remember to bring a first aid kit just in case something happens.

9 tips for camping with your dog

Plan your activities

If you’re going to bring your dog, it would be the best idea to plan activities that you can do together. Here are some activities that you can do with your dog: hiking, boating, swimming, kayaking, playing outdoor games, and enjoying an outdoor meal. But always remember to practice proper waste disposal, bag all your dog’s droppings, and throw them on the designated receptacle, no matter where you go.

Have a trial run

If your dog has never been on a camping trip, it is best to have a trial run before your actual trip. First, start with longer walks, to have a successful camping trip with your dog, keeping your dog’s ability to follow commands and behave properly is the key to have a safe and fun trip. Next, let your dog socialize with other dogs. If you are going to a pet-friendly camping site, for sure there will be other pets too. So letting them play and interact with other dogs will be a great idea to practice their social skills. And last, have backyard camping. Set up a camp in your back yard, have a campfire, invite some family and friends and behave exactly like you are on a camping trip. In that way, you will see how your dog will behave and you will have an idea of what will happen on your actual trip.

Always bring a first-aid kit

Never go on a trip without your first aid kit. It is important to have it on hand, especially if you will spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities with your dog. Some of the pet-friendly first aid kits include gauze, nonstick bandages, adhesive tape, a digital thermometer, pet-safe sterile eyewash, and some medicines. It is also best to choose a campsite with the nearest veterinarian clinic and write down the name, address, and contact number.

9 tips for camping with your dog

Take a picture of your dog

Make sure to take a picture of your dog before your trip just in case you lose your dog and you need help finding them. Just take a clear shot and make sure to include all distinguishing features. Make copies of the photo and keep it on you while you are on your trip.

Bring lots of toys

Although your dog will love to roam and play around the campsite, the weather can change very quickly. Do not rely on outdoor activities only, always bring their favorite toys to avoid them getting bored while waiting for the rain to stop. This toy includes chewing toys, balls, and plushies.

9 tips for camping with your dog

Do not leave your dog unattended.

Do not leave your dog unattended no matter what happens. For the safety of your dog, never let your dog out of your sight especially while on the camping site. It doesn’t mean that your dog behaves well with others, other dogs might behave differently. Make sure to monitor them always while playing with other dogs.

Camping can be good and beneficial for both of you. It is not only a vacation for you but also for your dog. Aside from the physical and mental benefits, you can get with all the outdoor activities, you can also improve your relationship with your dog. Use these tips to make your camping experience fun and memorable. Enjoy your time with your best buddy!

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