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April 17, 2021

Best Destinations to go Dog Sledding

Besides skiing and snowboarding, you can also try more adventurous and challenging winter sports, dog sledding. Being in an Arctic landscape combined with a pack of beautiful canine athletes, Huskies, and snow is the best three things in the world. This memorable experience allows you to relax, have fun and enjoy the beautiful landscapes, while the huskies pull you by sled. Dog sledding is a popular recreational sport around the world.

These are the best destinations to go dog sledding around the world.


Top on the list is Canada. They believed dog sledding originated in the northern parts of Canada. Before snowmobiles, they used dogs to pull people, foods, materials in 2000BC to get around during winter. The rocky mountains of Canada are the perfect view for a sled tour. Enjoy the stunning landscape of Canada while riding a sled. The best places to do dog sledding are Alberta, Quebec, Ontario, Yukon, and Nunavut. There are lots of tour agencies located in communities around the area.


Located in the Northeastern region of Iceland, Akureyri is just below the polar circle, making it the perfect spot for dog sledding. There are several dog sled tours where you can book ahead of time or just an hour before your tour.

Besides dog sledding, you can also try other activities, like snowboarding or sliding through Icelandic landscapes. You may also get the chance to see the beautiful phenomena, the Northern Lights.


Tromso, Norway, is located at the north of the Arctic Circle and surrounded by mountains. This subarctic city offers a unique landscape that makes it perfect for dog sledding. Enjoy dog sledding in a beautiful landscape and incredible view of the ocean and the land.

Tromso is one of the great spots to see the Northern Lights. Some tours offer both, watching the beautiful dancing lights, Northern Lights while riding in a sled, and enjoying the cold breeze of the night. The best time to do sledding is between December-April. You can also see the Northern Lights until April.


Another great destination for dog sledding is Kiruna, Sweden. Located at the northernmost town in the Arctic circle, enjoy riding in a sled while the husky dogs pull you across frozen lakes and beautiful landscapes. Most of the lakes in Sweden are frozen, during wintertime, like the Tornetrask river. 

Not just dog sledding, you can also climb Mount Kebnekaise, the highest peak in Sweden, or see the famous Aurora Borealis.


Greenland came from a long history of dog sledding. Greenland offers a remarkable and stunning surrounding to the people who want to try sledding. Experience dog sledding with Inuit hunters both during winter and spring. There are several dog sled tours where you can learn more about the proper way to take care of the dogs and how dogsleds are built and repaired.


Magical landscapes and peaceful surroundings, Finland offers lots of activities for you to do for your whole stay. Tour agencies offer a day trip tour and multi-day tours to choose from that will suit your taste. Experience dog sledding through the Arctic countryside and have fun exploring the Finnish Lapland region. Aside from dog sledding, there are plenty of fun activities you can do while staying in Finland, like riding a reindeer, skiing, and see the Northern Lights.


In Alaska, dog sledding is part of an Alaskan tradition and the most popular shore excursion for generations. That is where the world-famous race is happening, from Anchorage to Nome, merely 1,150miles. There are lots of tours that you can choose from like, dog sledding tour, glacier flightseeing tour, helicopter tour and then you can choose what kind of tour do you want to try. You can also catch the Northern Lights in Alaska between August and April.

Before deciding to add dog sledding to your trip, make sure to do research first about the best time to do it. It varies depends on what country you are planning to visit. 

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