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December 26, 2021

Camping in Summer: Tips and Hacks for Staying Cool

Do you prefer to camp in warm countries? Guaranteed sunshine, long summer nights, and beautiful days at the swimming pool. However, a sunny camping holiday can also have a few disadvantages: The warm nights. Fortunately, there are enough tips and tricks to keep the tent cool. Curious about our tips? We share our top 16 ideas with you on this blog.

Double door tent

Some dome tents have a double door, one of which is made of mosquito nets. With a double door, you have the option of only closing the fly screen door so that the wind can cool your tent at night and you can sleep completely relaxed. Despite the door being open, mosquitoes cannot get into the tent. Ideal right?

Camping in Summer: Tips and Hacks for Staying Cool


This product is a real bestseller in hot summers: a fan. The temperatures don’t drop from it, but it feels very refreshing. Most fans use electricity. Don’t you have one? Then you can also use fans that run on batteries. So it can feel pleasantly cool in your tent.

Ventilation options

If you don’t have double doors or if you don’t want to sleep with the doors open, you should make sure that all ventilation grilles are used. Especially polyester tents often have several ventilation points. The tent fabric is not breathable. Fresh air can come in through the ventilation grille and warm air can also go outside through the ventilation grille. So you can keep the tent cool.

Tent in the shade

If you have the opportunity to pitch your tent in the shade, then you should go for it. In the best places, there is still shade even at lunchtime. It then takes a few hours before you go to sleep and your tent can cool down again during that time.

Camping in Summer: Tips and Hacks for Staying Cool


If your tent is in the shade and it is already a bit cooler at the beginning of the evening, open all ventilation elements and the door. Let the wind “blow through” nicely. Keep your tent doors closed during the day. Just do it like at home: keep it closed during the day and ventilate nicely in the evening.

Remove the flysheet

Polyester tents in particular can get very warm in summer. Do you find the warmth unbearable? Remove the outer tent in the evening so that only the inner tent remains. You will see that the inner tent will cool down very quickly. If you are sure it will stay dry, you can just sleep in the inner tent. If the weather situation is in doubt, you should put up the outer tent again.

Put the air mattress or sleeping mat outside

Can you no longer stand it at night because you can’t keep the tent reasonably cool? Then simply carry your air mattress or sleeping mat outside and just lay it out in the fresh air. If necessary, make sure that you are not bitten by mosquitoes.

Camping in Summer: Tips and Hacks for Staying Cool

Sleeping mat

You can also use a sleeping mat in summer so that the sun’s rays are reflected and the heat does not get into your tent. Use the DIY thermal mat for small side tents or festival tents. These can be cut to size and placed over the tent. Only do this when you are sure it will stay dry.

Put on wet socks

It might sound a little strange but put on wet socks. In winter you put on warm socks, in summer cold feet help to cool down a bit.

Wet your wrists and hands

Instead of wet socks, you can get your wrists and hands wet. A lot of heat can be given off quickly through the hands. You can also cool your neck, which also lowers your body temperature a little.

Take a hammock with you to the campsite

Instead of an air mattress or sleeping mat, you can sleep outside in a hammock. Wonderful for relaxing in it during the day and also suitable for sleeping at night.

Camping in Summer: Tips and Hacks for Staying Cool

Go to sleep a little later

Ultimately, you can go to bed a little later. You’re on vacation, so have another nice drink and wait for the temperature to get a little more comfortable, then sleep in a cooler tent.

Use a sheet instead of a sleeping bag

If you want to camp in a warm country, think about whether or not you want to bring a sleeping bag when packing your camping gear. On warm nights it is more comfortable to lie under a thin sheet. To be on the safe side, you can of course also take both with you: So you are prepared for chilly nights.

Use a tarp

This works especially with smaller tents: Stretch a tarp over your tent. If your tent is in the shade, it will also be easier to keep it cool.

Camping in Summer Tips and Hacks for Staying Cool

Cotton tent

Do you think it is too warm in your polyester tent?  The cotton fabric is breathable and so the heat can automatically escape from the tent. This means you have a cool tent quickly in the evening.

Use an air mattress instead of a sleeping mat

A sleeping mat or Iomats usually has, as the name suggests, an insulating function. An air mattress, on the other hand, absorbs the coolness of the floor. So if you are traveling to a warm area it is better to bring an air mattress with you.


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