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October 4, 2022

Safety as a Solo traveler – Myths, Truth and Self-defense

Traveling alone implies that you are taking risks. That you will almost certainly find yourself in awkward situations, with the possibility of being robbed, cheated, injured, or worse.

Yes, bad things can happen to you while traveling, but remember, bad things can happen to you anywhere. That doesn’t exclude your home, your neighborhood, and your favorite disco. But on the contrary.

So, today, we’ll look at how to avoid the most common situations that can land you in serious trouble.


First and foremost, consider the common rules.


Before you travel to a country, you should research how well you can travel there as a woman, how safe you are, and what potential hazards you should be aware of.

Check the Foreign Office for travel advice and safety regulations. If you want to connect to another country while traveling, you can do so quickly with their ” Safe Travel ” app.

Do not plan to arrive in the dark

You should arrive in a completely foreign country in the morning or afternoon, and you should have already reserved a bed for at least one night.

Spend your first time in public

Just mingle with the typical tourist attractions until you get used to the area and the new country.

If you feel more at ease and safe, and you’ve been able to ask the receptionists where you can go alone and where you shouldn’t, then let’s move on.

Keep in touch

Let someone at home know where you are and what your plans are for the next few days regularly.

It’s not wrong if someone expects a sign from you every two to three days.

Upon arrival, insert your accommodation’s business card

This can be useful in a variety of situations. But especially if you get lost or require assistance to return home for any reason.

But, in the worst-case scenario, someone finds you and you can’t tell them where you belong.

After all, if you’re on vacation alone, no one can identify you if you can’t do it yourself – except the people in your lodging!

Modest appearance

If you can’t be it in everyday life, be it when you’re on vacation alone: inconspicuous.

Wear too much jewelry, especially real ones.

Leave the pearl earrings at home, no matter how valuable they are to you. Leave the designer clothes and bag at home.

The pack is minimalistic and straightforward. That doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish as well!

Instead of waving large bills around, try to use as much small change as possible.

Keep larger bills in small side pockets of your wallet for change, and use your credit card more frequently rather than withdrawing large sums of money at once.

This is a must, especially in poor countries, but it is not harmful anywhere.

Always carry your passport with you when you are traveling alone on vacation

Always keep your passport on hand. Regardless of where you go

Not only because it is required, but also so that you can always identify yourself credibly and without hesitation if something bad happens to you.

Alcohol is taboo for you

Are you new in town? Did you just meet the people you’ll be traveling with yesterday?

In these cases, there is no alternative rule for you.

“You can have fun without alcohol” is not a tired adage. If you don’t believe it, you should reconsider your life philosophy.

Use lockers where possible

Even if the two euros/dollars seem excessive, they are worthwhile if it allows you to sleep better or explore the area without having to worry about it all the time.

Use the lockers that are provided in hostels. That is why you should always travel with at least one small combination lock.

Listen to your gut

We mistrust him far too often, but if you’re feeling uneasy, or something just doesn’t feel right, stop feeling! Even if it is an exaggeration, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Now that we’ve thoroughly discussed the fundamentals of solo traveler safety and agreed that staying out of dangerous situations is still the best strategy, let’s get to the tricky part: What if I do end up in a dangerous situation?


So, instead of putting yourself in even more danger, here are a few tips to help you when you go on vacation as a single:

Train your voice

You’re probably panting and wondering what this is all about.

And therein lies the issue. We have no idea how valuable our voice is. The best weapon you have is a clear and distinct NO, a strong voice that does not tremble, or a clear cry for help.

We just don’t trust her because we’re afraid she’ll abandon us when we need her the most. that she falls short.

So practice your voice and yourself.

Go downstairs and scream at the shelf. Make it clear to him that you do not want to be accompanied, bothered, or, most importantly, touched.

And if you’ve already communicated that to your basement shelf, you’re one step closer.

A clear statement and a strong voice are like muscles. You must train them. Because it is frequently quite weak in its raw state.

Forget your good upbringing

This leads us to the next point: many (but not all) of us are far too nice. This is the first thing you must do if you want to go on a solo vacation.

We don’t want to offend anyone, and we don’t want to be unfriendly, but we still have a bad conscience. 

That must be discarded.

You don’t have to be rude because people will offer you taxis and massages, but you must be assertive.

So that you can tell when the friendly sales pitch turns into unwanted attention.

Be tenacious, tough, and unequivocal in your assertion. And with that, you can return to the previous point.

Be willing to ask help from strangers

Put down your shyness and talk to strangers in situations that make you feel uncomfortable or even threatened.

Ask them if you can join them for a short time because you are vacationing alone as a single and are feeling insecure.

And if someone is bothering you or simply won’t leave you alone, ask them to express their thoughts clearly. If your voice isn’t strong enough, get a backup.

You may feel strange and shy as you read this, but keep that in mind. You quickly put this shyness aside in an emergency.

Mobile phone, yes or no?

If you had to walk home alone at night, you’d either call a friend and chat with her until you arrived, or you’d pretend in situations where you felt uncomfortable.

If something had happened to you, you could have called for help right away.

Going on vacation as a single is already an invitation for many, and it becomes even more appealing when we appear to be easy victims.

As a result, this technique is debatable.

Use a whistle or something similar

There are now numerous noisemakers available, such as this alarm whistle.

It’s the only “weapon” you should bring. It cannot be used against you, but in potentially dangerous situations, it may provide the element of surprise you require to flee.

Don’t play the heroine

If someone approaches you and asks for your money, give it to them. If he wants your credit card, give it to him.

When you’re in front of an ATM, don’t try to cheat. If he realizes you were attempting to deceive him, his rage may be doubled.

De-escalation is the keyword here!

What does this imply? Simply put, don’t make him even more aggressive.

Someone who wishes to rob you or harm you is high on adrenaline or worse. So you’re not helping yourself by stoking the fire.

Maintain your cool and avoid becoming rebellious or even provocative. You’re not helping yourself at all.

I believe it is clear that we are no longer discussing unwanted attention while on vacation as singles, but rather situations in which you no longer have to consider whether this is a dangerous situation or not.

Before your trip, take a self-defense course

This is the most useful advice of all. You will not only be inoculated with self-confidence but you will also be taught how to harm your opponent without harming yourself.

Remember one thing as a general takeaway message:

Don’t make yourself a victim!

Consider what you’re doing, the risks you’re taking, and how you present yourself to the outside world.

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