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March 25, 2021

Safety travel tips during Pandemic

This pandemic has changed the way we are dealing with our daily lives, especially the way we travel. No matter where you are going, work or vacation, there are lots of things to consider and safety protocols to follow. Here are some safety travel tips during this pandemic.

Check the COVID-19 Rates at your preferred destination

It is very important to assess the rates of positive cases in the destination that you’re planning to visit. If they have a high number of positives with COVID, there’s a high chance that you’ll catch it. And because of the high number of patients at the hospital, there’s a possibility that they cannot entertain or give you the help that you will need.

 Get a swab test before, during, and after your trip

Getting tested and check if you’re negative can put your mind at ease. Aside from avoiding the quarantine period, you are also sure that you will not bring any virus with you from your destination. Lots of airlines now are requiring the passengers to get a swab test first before their flights to ensure the safety of everybody. You need to plan when are you going to get tested because it might take a couple of days before you get your result.

 Consider your health situation

If you are an older adult and have a medical condition, it is better if you will just stay at home. People who have a medical condition and 65 years old and up are more likely to get sick and catch the virus. If you fall into these categories avoid going to overcrowded places like hotels and beaches with lots of other people to avoid the risk of getting infected. But if you’re going to drive or rent a cabin to an isolated area where it’s just you and nature it could be okay.

 Decide what mode of transportation are you going to use

Traveling by plane can be relatively safe as long as the airlines are taking proper precautions. Your airline should make sure that the whole plane is thoroughly cleaned and properly sanitized and check the proper distancing between the passengers. Choose an airline where they don’t fill all of its seats and always wear your mask.

Traveling by bus can be a little bit risky and you need to be extra careful because the ventilation system is not as good as those on planes. You have to be extra vigilant if the only choice is riding a bus.

According to research, driving a car is the safest way to travel. It lowers the risk and limits your interactions with other people.


 Be mindful about where you stay

Choosing the right place to stay is a big thing especially during this pandemic. You can consider staying at the hotel as long as they are following safety protocols in their establishments. If you want to stay in a hotel, it is better to call them before booking to ask what are their safety procedures and protocols. Most travelers nowadays considered renting a whole cabin or lodge in an isolated area to avoid contact with lots of people and avoid overcrowded places. But no matter where you want to stay on your vacation, always sanitize all of the high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, faucets, remote controls, and switches.

Consider cooking, take-out food, or delivery

Instead of eating in a restaurant, consider cooking (if possible) or just bring take-out instead of dining-in. It will lower the risk that you might encounter someone positive with the COVID virus in the restaurant. And if you don’t want to go outside to get some food, it is safe also to just order at a restaurant where there is a delivery service. But if you want to eat in a restaurant just be extra careful and vigilant. Make sure that the restaurant is following proper protocols for your safety.

Book an accommodation and activities that have cancellation

Try to find accommodation and activities that you can cancel even at the last minute. Just in case you develop any symptoms you can easily cancel your trip and just stay at home and rest. If you already paid for it, always think about your safety because, in this time of the pandemic, your health should be your top priority and not the money. Just think, if you get infected because you pursue your vacation because of the money you paid for it, you will likely pay triple that amount if you get hospitalized.

Choose your activities wisely

You might be tempted to do lots of activities that you love to do every time you’re on a vacation like having a drink in a bar or dance and meet new people in a night club but you have to keep in mind that those places will put you at risk especially if there is no proper social distancing. Instead of doing those activities find activities that will keep you distanced from other people.

Traveling during this pandemic can be a little bit overwhelming especially with all of the restrictions and safety protocols. If you decide to push through your vacation always see to it that you follow the safety protocols. Always wear your mask, observe proper distancing, avoid overcrowded places and always wash your hands and sanitize. Enjoy your vacation!

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