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October 30, 2021

The Most Dangerous Hiking Trails in the World

They are narrow, often extremely steep, and sometimes really insidious – the most dangerous hiking trails in the world. Every one of you has probably heard of the hiking trails on which you balance directly past a gorge and often risk your life when all of a sudden only rickety boards with holes are attached to a rock wall. Many see it as a kick of their lives when they climb a mountain only secured by two snap hooks. For others, it is absolute recklessness. What do you think of these pictures of the most dangerous hiking trails?

The Hua Shan in China

It is the most dangerous hiking trail in the world; Huashan is one of the five sacred mountains in Shaanxi Province in China. It measures 2100 meters and is not for the faint of heart! For the most part, the path consists of 30 to 50 cm wide wooden plates that not only look wobbly but are also provided with holes. The only way to hold on to is an iron chain carved into the rock. Sometimes there are not even boards or steps, just holes in the rock where you have to squeeze your foot and at the same time pull yourself up on an iron chain.

And what can the eager, risk-laden hiker expect at their destination? Tadaaa. a tea house! Well, and of course an unbelievable view, crowned with the feeling of having achieved something great. But you can’t enjoy the feeling completely carefree, because just as you got up, you have to go down again. 

The Most Dangerous Hiking Trails in the World

Caminito del Rey in Spain

The Caminito del Rey in Andalusia, Spain, is a four-kilometer via Ferrata, which is about 100 meters above sea level. The path leads along steep walls and through two narrow gorges up to 200 meters deep. The Caminito del Rey is so dangerous that it was closed for 14 years! Five people died here between 1999 and 2000 – reason enough to close the hiking trail and renovate it first. Due to the weather, huge holes were created along the footpath. The thin steel cable that was used for securing was missing completely in some places, or where it was present, it did not inspire confidence in the hikers or the experts. But even the parapets, which were supposed to offer the hikers protection, only partially prevented them from falling into the depths.

As of this year, however, the most dangerous hiking trail in Europe has been accessible again! More than two million euros were invested in the restoration so that the path is now a lot safer. ‘Safer’ is of course a difficult word when talking about one of the most dangerous hiking trails in the world – the equipment on the way is better today, but that doesn’t change anything about the scary route itself! At the end of the path, courageous hikers can expect a breathtaking view of steeply sloping sandstone cliffs and glittering water below.

The Most Dangerous Hiking Trails in the World

Haiku Stairs in Hawaii

Haiku Stairs is a steep hiking trail in the Koolau Mountains on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. It is popularly known as ” Stairway to Heaven “. If you want to climb these stairs, or should we say better, you need a lot of stamina. To reach the top of this path, you have to bring almost 4000 metal steps behind you and thus climb a total of around 600 meters. But the effort is worth it because once you reach the summit, you have a spectacular view of the island and the picturesque surroundings. But be careful, the ascent takes up to five hours – not for people who expect a relaxing walk. It is strongly advised to stay on the path, as it can get pretty slippery and impassable, especially after rain. In recent years, unfortunately, numerous hikers have paid for their cockiness and carelessness with their lives.

The Most Dangerous Hiking Trails in the World

Drakensberg in South Africa

Climbing fans will find several 3000m peaks in the Drakensberg mountain range in southern Africa. There are also well-developed hiking trails here, but the right mountain climbs are tough: overhangs, waterfalls, gorges, caves – all of this has to be conquered.

The Most Dangerous Hiking Trails in the World

The Pacaya in Guatemala

The Pacaya volcano in Guatemala is considered to be one of the most active in the world. If you want to see glowing hot lava up close, you should take a hike here. The ascent is strenuous, you should never come into contact with the viscous liquid, which is around 1000 degrees Celsius. Those who are not lucky enough to experience the volcano shortly after the eruption can still roast marshmallows over the hot stones. Mornings and evenings can get very cold and dark – so bring a jacket and a flashlight. You need the latter so as not to fall over the wobbly stones.

The Most Dangerous Hiking Trails in the World

Are you ready for a special kind of vacation?

Well, who of you would dare to step onto this spectacular stairway to heaven or perhaps one of the other two dangerous hiking trails? Or do you prefer safe and idyllic paths for a relaxed hiking holiday?

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