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October 19, 2022

Traveling with children: 7 fears that prevent you from traveling and tips

How often do you read or watch inspirational travel reports and imagine yourself playing with your children on the beach in Bali or strolling through the souks in Morocco? The thought of being able to do this is usually overshadowed by doubts and fears, and you already have a hundred reasons why this trip with children is not feasible. When the kids are gone, the travel plans are quickly buried or postponed. You are dissatisfied when you return to your boring, familiar, and ostensibly safe environment.

The source of this discontent is apprehension about traveling. This article will show you what fears are preventing you from embarking on your adventure and what you can do to overcome them.

Fear of stepping out of the comfort zone

Do you want to travel and imagine what it would be like to live during the day, climb a mountain, or hike through the rainforest? New cultures, new smells, exotic food, and lots of family time. All of this is possible, but not easily realized.

You must arrange for vacation coverage. Spend less money. New passports are also due. The children will probably not like the exotic food. The time change is also inconvenient.

These are just a few of the common concerns and fears of people who venture outside of their comfort zone. To overcome these fears, first, write down at least ten positive aspects of such a journey. After that, try to internalize the idea that choosing to embark on this journey is preferable to not making a decision.

A decision made can either be right or wrong. If it’s wrong, you can correct it in the right direction.

Traveling with children: 7 fears that prevent you from traveling and tips

Fear of flying

Many people are afraid of flying. Someone who has a severe fear of flying can take medication and fall asleep during the flight. If you have only minor concerns, keep in mind that the likelihood of a plane falling out of the sky is extremely low. Every day, technological advancements are made. Security personnel is becoming more precise. The plane is most likely the safest mode of transportation.

Traveling with children 7 fears that prevent you from traveling and tips

Fear of the unknown when traveling

Concerned about not being able to locate your hotel, not being picked up at the airport, or your children screaming all over the plane?

No worries. Write down all of your fears and prepare for them. Thorough research to reduce the unknown component is essential when planning a trip. If you’re worried about your phone dying, print out Google Maps maps. Check that the hotel has all of the information, and plan the flight to keep your kids entertained. In addition, doing research ahead of time heightens the anticipation. There are numerous travel blogs and books that will answer all of your questions.

Traveling with children 7 fears that prevent you from traveling and tips

Fear of running out of money while traveling abroad

Who hasn’t heard of it? The travel budget is carefully calculated, but what if an unexpected visit to the doctor abroad occurs and you end up with a large bill?

It is difficult to ask a relative to transfer something quickly, especially when you are abroad. In this case, I can recommend an additional credit card with a set maximum amount that can be withdrawn globally. The money will be deducted from your account later, hopefully after the trip, with the monthly statement.

Traveling with children 7 fears that prevent you from traveling and tips

Fear of being robbed or robbed when traveling

Robbery and theft are unfortunately common when traveling. You could be the next victim, without a wallet or a cell phone. The nightmare scenario worsens as you think about it.

There’s no need to be concerned about being robbed. Nothing can go wrong if you pay attention and have a backup plan.

Traveling with children 7 fears that prevent you from traveling and tips

Concern about losing a child while traveling

Losing a child in a crowd may be your greatest fear, particularly for small children who can already walk and are curious. A split second of inattention and the child is gone. Every parent’s worst nightmare.

This fear can also be reduced by thorough preparation. Consider how you can reduce the risk in this situation in your mind. For younger children, you can wear a security bracelet with your cellphone number on it. If the worst happens, the finder can return the child to the parents after making a phone call. For older children, arrange a meeting place at markets or shopping centers where you can find each other again if you get separated.

Simply preparing for the possibility of risk is extremely beneficial.

Traveling with children 7 fears that prevent you from traveling and tips

Fear of illness or accident while traveling

Are you planning a family vacation to Asia or another exotic location? What if you or your child gets food poisoning, is in a car accident, is trampled by an elephant herd, or is bitten by a rabid dog? How would you handle a situation like this? What should you do if you need to return home or cannot begin your journey at all? These thoughts cause you to perspire.

Keep in mind that the chances of anything bad happening during a trip is extremely low. Almost everywhere, medical care is available. It is also a good idea to check your vaccinations before leaving. An oral vaccination was extremely beneficial in combating a sensitive stomach.

Careful planning for the trip aids in overcoming fears. Consider what might happen and how you will handle the situation. However, keep in mind that the likelihood is extremely low, and think positively.

Traveling with children 7 fears that prevent you from traveling and tips

Overcome your fear of travel

We hope that this article has demonstrated that fears of any kind can be easily reduced with a little planning, research, and logical thinking. The world has many surprises in store for us. Whether you have a child or not. Everything is possible.

The key is to think positively. A lot of bad things will happen to you if you think negatively and cannot overcome your fears. Positive thinkers, on the other hand, attract happiness. Our imagination is powerful, and our powerful thoughts can easily manifest.

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