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November 10, 2022

Traveling with children – 7 reasons why you should travel with your children

Are you traveling with children? When their children are born, many parents’ entire lives are turned upside down. Backpacking tours in Thailand are transformed into all-inclusive vacations in Mallorca. But this does not have to be the case. Here are the 7 reasons why you should bring your kids on your next adventure vacation and keep traveling.

The new influences are critical for the child’s development. A trip is like an investment in the children’s future. Travel provides long-lasting happiness and memories for the entire family.

It is not always necessary to take a two-week vacation. A quick trip to the coast can also be beneficial. The important thing is that you spend time as a family, laugh, enjoy yourself, and don’t take life too seriously.

Don’t be afraid to travel with children – children are not made of sugar

Children are not made of sugar and can withstand far more than you might believe. Remember that home is where the family is. The little ones are more aware of this than the big ones. The prescribed daily routine is emphasized. You can also have this while you’re on the go. All the child requires is regular meals and rest. This is available anywhere.

Children are typically far more resilient than adults. While the adults try to relax in the evening after a long day of sightseeing in Rome or hiking in Norway, the kids are usually still jumping in the dirt and full of energy.

Traveling with children is a lot more enjoyable

Children allow you to see the world through their eyes and make you aware of things you might have missed otherwise. Whether it’s a city trip with babies and children or a beach vacation, traveling with children inspires us to travel more than ever before. We want to provide for our children and show them the world.

Traveling with children - 7 reasons why you should travel with your children

Traveling with kids doesn’t just educate the kids

Travel broadens the mind. We visit new countries, learn about new customs, habits, and cultures, try new foods, meet new people, and explore new environments.

Traveling has even been shown to be educational. Children who travel are intelligent, extremely socially competent, and have an easier time in life and at school on all levels. When children travel, certain areas of the brain (the play and seeking system) are activated and trained. These areas are significantly less active at home. When children feel sand under their feet or splash in the sea with their parents, the Play System is activated. When you and your friends discover new things in nature, for example, the Seeking System is activated. Both of these triggers are critical for children’s cognitive development.

The children learn that being “different” is not unusual. They learn to be tolerant and courageous, as well as to push their limits.

Museums are dull? Not for traveling children. We’ve visited a lot of exciting museums since we’ve been traveling, and our son has acquired an incredible amount of knowledge all by himself without even having to learn.

Travel promotes creativity

So many new impressions and pictures broaden the little ones’ horizons and aid in the development of new problem-solving techniques. Creativity is greatly enhanced. The child has more resources and knowledge available to them in their head.

The children are separated from their beloved TV, computer games, and other toys while traveling. They must reinvent themselves and come up with new ideas and games to keep themselves entertained along the way. This fosters creativity.

Traveling with children - 7 reasons why you should travel with your children

Spending time together when traveling with children

At home, every day is the same, and the daily routine is nearly identical. Children are frequently neglected because their parents must organize and work on so many other things in addition to raising their children. Everyone is on vacation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When traveling with children, beautiful shared experiences foster harmony and well-being.

Travel shapes children for life, even if very young children quickly forget the wonderful vacations. Even as adults, older children recall the wonderful, shared quality time with their families.

Traveling with children makes it easier to meet other travelers and locals

Children are like little magnets that attract everyone’s attention. On journeys, children open doors and hearts. A conversation quickly developed, and before you know it, you’re sitting at the coffee table with a local family, sipping tea and eating cake. Your children will also quickly make friends and meet new “friends” for life. When traveling with children, you quickly make new friends, whether in an all-inclusive hotel or on Mongolian steppes.

Traveling with children - 7 reasons why you should travel with your children

Learning another language benefits children

The child’s mind is like a sponge, soaking up new languages and information. During a longer stay abroad, the fundamentals of the new language become quickly ingrained in your mind. Even with shorter stays, the child will have acquired new vocabulary within a few days. It is not impossible to travel with children! Children who travel frequently not only perform better in geography class but also learn new languages faster.

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