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February 2, 2022

Top 10 City Destinations for Valentine’s day

February 14 is all about love for many couples. If you don’t want classics like roses or chocolates for Valentine’s Day, we have a suggestion: give away a romantic trip! If you like to have a lot of people around you and enjoy culture, a city holiday is a right choice. 

Certain places are almost predestined for a holiday in togetherness. In addition to city trip classics such as Paris, Venice, and Rome, we also present those that you do not immediately associate with the day of love. Let yourself be surprised where you can enjoy a romantic time for two anywhere around February 14th.


Paris, as the city of love, comes first when it comes to Valentine’s Day. If you’ve never been to Paris before, a lift ride to one of the Eiffel Tower’s three viewing platforms is a must. Views of the city from a height of up to 276 m. It’s best to get tickets in advance so you don’t have to queue in front of the box office. The steps to the Sacré-Coeur are always a pleasure to climb. The reason is not just the pretty basilica alone: ​​Standing on the hill of Montmartre, the city lies at your feet. Already in the artists’ district of Montmartre, make a stop at the Je t’aime wall. Here are the magic words “I love you” in 250 different languages. Time for a photo!

If you want to add a cultural touch to your vacation in Paris, plan a visit to the Louvre for Valentine’s Day. Beautiful to look at from the outside, one of the most famous art museums in the world awaits inside. If you need a break from sightseeing, go to the Jardin du Luxembourg and stroll around the green area. Alternatively, head to the north-south Canal Saint-Martin. If you follow the tree-lined promenade, you will pass some locks. Use one of the bridges spanning the canal to switch sides or take a picture. Get to know the French capital from the water with a boat trip on the Seine.

Valentine's Day: Top 10 City Destinations


Venice is also at the forefront when it comes to spending Valentine’s Day romantically. Among the sights that you must have visited are St. Mark’s Square with the cathedral of the same name and the Doge’s Palace. From there the maritime republic was ruled from the 9th century. From the Markusturm you have a good view over the city. Finally, you can see the Rialto Bridge, which you otherwise only know from photos, with your own eyes. Built at the end of the 16th century, the bridge was the only way to cross the Grand Canal until the mid-19th century.

Another eye-catcher is the Bridge of Sighs, which connects the Doge’s Palace with the former prison. Even if you didn’t think it was possible, Venice not only consists of historical buildings and lots of water, there are even a few green areas. One of them is the Parco Savorgnan. Stop by if you want a bit of nature around you. If necessary, treat yourself to a gondola ride through the canals and be sure to compare the prices beforehand. This pleasure, which is not exactly cheap, is more expensive in the evening than during the day and extras such as a singer or musician naturally also affect the price. Keep in mind that you won’t be traveling to Venice again anytime soon.

Valentine's Day Top 10 City Destinations


If Rome is the destination of your romantic getaway, a trip to the Colosseum is a must. In the evening, the building is beautifully illuminated from the inside and staged. The Trevi Fountain cuts a fine figure in the dark as well as in the light. If you throw coins into the fountain, which consists of a rocky landscape, human and animal figures, and a palace facade, this will hopefully make your love life better. The situation is similar when attaching a padlock to the Ponte Milvio. Like you, many other lovers have done it before.

The Castel Sant’Angelo should also be one of the stops on your stay in Rome . Located directly on the Tiber, the Engelsbrücke leads to it. Five angel figures adorn the sides of the bridge. Both the castle and the bridge are beautifully illuminated after dark, so it’s also worth stopping by in the evening. If you’re already on holiday in Rome for Valentine’s Day, you shouldn’t miss the Vatican either. If you are in St. Peter’s Square to look at the cathedral, you are in the smallest country in the world. Back in Italy, apart from the Colosseum, you can admire other ancient buildings by going to the Roman Forum. Also stroll through the Orange Garden (Giardino Degli Aranci), from where you have a great view of the city. From this place, which is less well known to tourists, you can also have a good look at the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Valentine's Day Top 10 City Destinations


If you have decided in favor of a short break in Vienna, you can enjoy the imposing buildings from the time of the Danube monarchy around Valentine’s Day. You can see many of them on the ring road, which is more than 5 km long. Admire the State Opera, the Parliament, the City Hall, the Burgtheater, and the University building hand in hand. If you are on the Ringstrasse, consider whether you want to go to the Kunsthistorisches Museum or the Naturhistorisches Museum. But if you choose the latter, you can take a guided tour to step out onto the roof and enjoy the view of the old town from there. If you don’t like walking that much or if the weather is bad, use the Vienna Ring Tram.

Walk in the footsteps of Emperor Franz Joseph and Sisi when you enter Schönbrunn Palace and its gardens. If you want to learn more about the well-known Austrian empress, visit the Sisi Museum in Hofburg. In case you can’t get enough of the beautiful mansions, Belvedere Castle is part of the program. You can relax from sightseeing in Vienna in the Prater, the large and well-known park in the Austrian capital. Also, don’t forget to sample Viennese coffee house culture with a piece of Sachertorte.

Valentine's Day Top 10 City Destinations


If you would like to travel to London for Valentine’s Day, your forays will lead you to Buckingham Palace or the Elizabeth Tower with Big Ben at the Palace of Westminster. In the British capital, there is no way around Westminster Abbey, the coronation church. Incidentally, Prince William and Kate got married there. Convince yourself in Madame Tussauds how well the wax figures correspond to their role models. In the dark, it is worth taking a walk along the Thames in Southbank, from where you can see illuminated London sights: the aforementioned Palace of Westminster, the London Aquarium, the Southbank Center, and the Millennium Bridge are among them.

If you’re not afraid of heights, take a ride on the London Eye in Southbank. For entertainment, head to the Southbank for example The London Dungeon, where you can learn more about the capital’s spooky past from actors. Take a break in Hyde Park during the day if you want some greenery around you. In Greenwich Park, you not only have nature around you, but from here you can also have a good look at the silhouette of the city. If you want to spend a romantic evening in London, go to one of the restaurants in the skyscraper “The Shard”. Treat yourself to a meal between 109 m and 126 m in height and look at the lights of the metropolis. Inquire about free tables and make sure to reserve in advance.

Valentine's Day Top 10 City Destinations


With a city trip to Barcelona, you are very much in vogue. Why not fly to this popular metropolis for Valentine’s Day? Get to know old and new Barcelona while staying in the Mediterranean. So you will find it in the Barri Gòtic, the old town, the cathedral or the Plaça del Rei (King’s Square). If you want to head towards the sea from the historical city center, head along La Rambla boulevard. The approximately one-kilometer-long, tree-lined promenade starts at Plaça de Catalunya and ends at the old port at the Columbus statue. From there it is not far to the district of La Barceloneta with its promenade, which borders the beach.

If you turn away from the sea and head north, you can admire the Sagrada Familia, still under construction, in the Eixample district. Another building in the same district, also built by Gaudí in the style of Modernisme, is the Casa Milà. You can get a great view of Barcelona and its sights from Park Güell. Access to the viewing terrace is possible for a small fee. Also, take a trip to the Parc del Laberint d’Horta in the north of Barcelona if you like. This hilltop location has fewer tourists than the bustling streets below. A good opportunity to switch off in the countryside. The highlight of the pretty grounds is a maze made up of hedges. In the middle, you will pass a sculpture of Eros, the god of covetous love.

Valentine's Day Top 10 City Destinations


Why only visit one city on Valentine’s Day when you can take advantage of two offers at the same time? A flight to Budapest allows for a good time in both Buda and Pest. Buda is on the right and Pest on the left of the Danube. If your city tour starts in Pest, sights such as the large parliament building built on the banks of the Danube or the St. Stephen’s Basilica are a must. If you get hungry, you can stop in the Great Market Hall, where a wide range of food awaits you.

On the other side of the Danube, which you can reach via the well-known chain bridge, the castle district with the castle palace and the fishing bastion is waiting for you. The latter is provided with many arcades and towers and has something fairytale-like. From up here, you have a good view of the Pest opposite. Another eye-catcher in the castle district is the Matthias Church. On this side of the Danube, you can also visit Herrengasse and Ehrenplatz. As in Vienna, a coffee house culture has survived in Budapest to this day, so you can take a stylish break in between. Relax in one of the thermal baths, for which the city is so well known. Examples of this are the Széchenyi or the Gellert Baths. If you feel like it, you can take a walk along the banks of the Danube as soon as it is dark. The large historical buildings of Budapest are illuminated and the Chain Bridge presents itself with countless light bulbs.

Valentine's Day Top 10 City Destinations


Rediscover together what you may have only explored alone before. Visit the Federal Chancellery, the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Victory Column. A detour to Museum Island can be part of the cultural program. If you are interested in the history of the city, take a look at Checkpoint Charlie and Mauerpark. See if you find Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain just as hip as they are always described. You can find sophisticated entertainment with an evening visit to the theater. There is no shortage of suitable houses. Better get your hands on one before you travel to BerlinTickets so you don’t have to experience disappointment at the box office. The Schauspielhaus Berlin on Gendarmenmarkt is worth a look from the outside alone. Together with the German and French Cathedral, it forms a beautiful ensemble. Also worth knowing: If you want to save on your holiday budget, there are several ways to experience Berlin for free.

If you want to spend Valentine’s Day off the beaten track, go to Alt-Marzahn. There you can expect a village atmosphere on the outskirts of the metropolis with a church, cobblestones, windmill, and green. You can visit Peacock Island in the Wannsee district on the southwestern outskirts of Berlin. In addition to the peacocks, you can see a hunting lodge, an aviary, a greenhouse, and various gardens. It is also beautifully green in the Charlottenburg Palace Gardens, where you can walk in a baroque garden. Don’t forget to take a look inside the castle while you’re there.

Valentine's Day Top 10 City Destinations


Similar to Vienna and Budapest, you can also enjoy a lot of beautiful architecture in Prague on Valentine’s Day. If you have never been to Prague together, make your way to Prague Castle together. When walking over the Charles Bridge (if you have not taken your hotel in Prague on the left side of the Vltava River) you can stop at one of the other street artists and admire the statues. Wish you a happy relationship, while stroking one of the two reliefs below the Nepomuk statue. Arrived on the castle grounds, the St. Vitus Cathedral is certainly one of the most impressive buildings. If you walk through the Golden Lane, you will also pass the house where Franz Kafka lived for a few months. Look from the castle grounds to the city below you and enjoy the view. Hang out in the Palace Gardens below Prague Castle, where you’ll find beautifully landscaped green spaces. The Ledebur Garden is considered particularly beautiful.

Back across the Vltava, Wenceslas Square is a must-see in the golden city of Prague. In terms of structure, it is more of a boulevard, with many hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops on it. Make a detour to the Vltava island of Kampa, where you can place a love lock on the bridge of love. If you get hungry while exploring the city and appreciate good food, Prague is the place for you. Czech cuisine is hearty and those who like beer should feast on the country’s brews.

Valentine's Day Top 10 City Destinations


With 520,000 inhabitants, the Portuguese capital Lisbon is the smallest of all the cities presented. Look forward to mild temperatures of up to 20 degrees on Valentine’s Day. You can also use the tram to explore if you want to get to know hilly Lisbon comfortably. On the 28E tram, you sometimes still sit in historic carriages, which makes the journey a special experience. The route passes, among other things, the Palácio de São Bento (seat of the Parliament), the Catedral Sé Patriarcal and the viewpoint Miradouro de Santa Luzia. Incidentally, the journey starts and ends at Praça Martim Moniz below the Castelo de São Jorge.

A walk through the Praça do Império with a view of the impressive Jeronimos Monastery should not be missed on your holiday in Lisbon. The same applies to the Torre de Belém near the mouth of the Tejos in the Atlantic. The tower used to defend the harbor was one of the few structures that were not damaged by a devastating earthquake in 1755. If you get hungry between meals, be sure to grab pastéis de Nata, which are puff pastry tarts, from one of the bakeries. If you find yourself in another cozy place on your forays through LisbonIf you want to stop, head to the Jardim das Amoreiras, one of the oldest parks in the Portuguese capital. There is a fountain in the middle of the small but fine facility full of trees and you can strengthen yourself in the bistro, which is also available.

Valentine's Day Top 10 City Destinations

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